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 Our motto is we design the future. Help us to shape and change our hearts and enviroment in a positive way.  We have so many things to be d...


We are all divine.like seeds planted into hollowed ground.we have been planted here to crack, open our shells,spread our roots and realize our full creative potential...

Our aim is to be example of how to setup  Sustainable life in all aspects by lowering our carbon prints on earth and forwarding our knowledge and experience to see the positive impacts not only on humans but the enviromment that person is surrounded,

We design the future...From Soil to Spirit

What we have is just soil and love,passion to be able to shape our hearts and spirits.

We are living in antalya region by the koprulu kanyon.

Our farm is located by the river and m

arvellous sacred canyon and the national forest.

Our garden covers more than 10000 sqmeter with maldive white beach sand by the koprucay river which is drinkable and 13.5 degrees ph 8.9 

We have now, 110 chandler wallnut tree, pomegrate trees,nut trees,avacados,apples, etc.

Our aim is the have a self sufficient life not only mean by food or products but with our  social impact,enviromental effect and social activities with everyday growing spiritiually.

We want to create a living organism that we are always learning,teaching and We are enjoying the every moment and  to share\our knowledge and experiences in all aspects with you, and learn from you also..

As sustainable living we started as follows..

a-renewable energy 

b-water treatment drinking water

c-black water treatment

d-agriculture permaculture, aquaculture, fruit forest


f-building houses using traditional and other technics.

g- waste management

h-Social activities

i-Spiritual Workshops

f-art workshops

About canyon..

 After searching many countries over ten years, İncluding Countries,Costarica,,nicaragua,Panama,India,england,ırak,Jordan,portugal, and many european countries..

Sacred Canyon found me on sep.2021.

As first saw the canyon,fell in love with wild nature, forestry, with string string river and mostly with the  canyon which has got a feminen energy consist of two mountains at an attitude of 100 and 134 meters from our land ör river.

Our land is app. 6500 sqmt. Consist of 100 wallnut trees, avacado,pomegrate,olive,grape,plumb,Apple, and many other species.

survival technis in forest

We teach these following survival technic while we hike thriugh riverside , forest or climbing to the top of canyon about 60 meters then our attitude.
1-make secure fire in a pıt to distinquish easily from the materials around..
2-Water sanitizing with recycle materials u can find as a trash.
4-muhroom hunting
5-learning which nuts fuits to be eşten..

Partnership Workshops

Are you looking for a sacred,rural offgrid,easy access place for your Workshops?
We are happy to welcome you, meet your needs during your stay...
We can offer vegan or vegetarian food according to your wishes..
Regarding accomodation we can...
1- offer you private bungalow if 50 sqmeter
2-private room in a bungalow
3- bed in a bungalow
4- Glamping with water and electricity
5- bird watch house
6-special  cave in domes
7- your private tent.